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A boutique real estate investment firm that owns, operates, and manages a multi-million dollar portfolio with a focused goal of bringing aggressive rates of returns to all of our clients.




North Carolina


New York



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Elpitha Solutions gives you unlimited access to our entire team of experienced investors who have acquired various multi-family real estate properties throughout the years. Our team has well over 25 years of out of state real estate experience and has successfully sustained great rates of return.


Our team collectively has over 25 years of experience.


Our 1 on 1 educational program is custom-built to meet your specific real estate needs.


Multi-family apartment complexes.

Rates of Returns

Providing aggressive rates of returns to every investor.

Our clients


  • Elpitha Solutions enabled me to diversify my real estate holdings across multiple geographic locations which mitigated the risks of exposure to region. In addition, I was able to achieve a balanced mix of smaller and larger residential-unit properties in my portfolio. Overall competitive rates of return were achieved with minimal downside risk in the long-term.

    Stephen K.
  • Each time I have invested in Elpitha Solutions’ short term program, they have exceeded my expectations in regards to my overall rate of return. As someone who primarily invests short term, it is nice to know I can rely on this firm to treat my investment with the utmost of importance and as a result we continue to have a great relationship spanning over a decade!

    John R.
  • Simple, reliable, scalable and consistent. I am a cautious investor with a number of real estate investment in my portfolio. I have participated in numerous investment opportunities offered by Elpitha Solutions team over the past few years. The ROI in all cases has been very positive with returns exceeding the initial business plans. Steve is a conscientious investor who maintains discipline in his underwriting and his strategy.

    Zeng F.
  • Elpitha Solutions is a company that thrives on relationship building. Creating a great business model by delivering aggressive rates of return on your money and at the same token being readily available to invest in great real estate projects that suit my financial needs are all just some of the great qualities associated with this company. Steve took his passion for real estate investing, mixed it with great relationship building and created a company you will enjoy being a part of.

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