Meet our CEO

Steve Kontos was born and raised in New York City. His real estate investing began in 2008 when the markets went through the beginning stages of a down spiral. While all the market experts stayed quiet and fear was looming in the air, Steve saw an opportunity to purchase performing assets at a nice discount.

– Steve knew he had a real passion for real estate investing BUT he could not do it in his own local markets due to the increased housing prices. It was through years of research and due diligence that his decision became crystal,invest out of state where the numbers made a lot more sense! He quickly realized that New York money gavehim quite a bit of buying power in other states. One of ElpithaSolutons’ key focuses was the ability to go to Landlord-Friendly states. Having the law back up the owner rather than the tenant helped mitigate some of the risk as an out of state investor. Also, rather than invest in markets that would rely solely on appreciation we instead opted to go for really aggressive monthly ROIs (return on investments). Building a healthy passive income for our investors rather than bleeding money in hopes of market appreciation just made more sense. Our portfolio began in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where the markets there kept stagnant through the turbulent 2008 market. We spent the next several years expanding all across this great city. Today if you were to research Pittsburgh, you will see an economic boom. Once pegged as a quiet blue collar industrialized area has quickly changed into having multiple industries thriving creating a vast array of job opportunities for both white and blue collar workers.

Due to the success of our Pittsburgh portfolio, we switched gears to other great Landlord-Friendly states; North Carolina and Tennessee. Since purchasing apartment complexes in these great states both markets have shown great signs of economic growth across several different industry sectors.

Currently our portfolio consists of over 160 units spanning all across the United States with other future projects on the table. Our track record proves that we are here to invest in assets with rates of returns that further multiply your existing capital. Through this method of increasing passive income it has helped not only expand our portfolio but the Elpitha Solutions team. What started out as just two individuals with a dream has grown to over a dozen partners who share the same goals of obtaining great rates of returns on performing assets. Due to our success in out of state real estate investing, it has allowed us to offer other programswhich include acomprehensive educational course for potential new investors or partners, access to a team that identifies and purchases performing assets (apartment complexes), and short term lending programs for those looking for a brief period of investing.

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