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Before embarking on your journey and accepting this educational course it is so important that you understand the person who is instructing it. Taking a course from an unknown can drastically change the dynamics of everything. When I started out, I was purchasing courses (a lot pricier than this one) where the instructor had no experience in real estate investing and was working there just as a job! How can I take a course seriously when I am taking advice from someone who basically had no business instructing people on real estate investing? All successful individuals started out by going to the EXPERIENCED SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONALS of that industry and learning through them since they in essence have walked the walk. I repeat, in order to succeed in any field, you must go to the success stories and learn the ropes. If you are looking to grow in real estate investing, you are not going to ask the local bartender for advice. You are going to get mentored by individuals who have a massive portfolio and have had tons of success within the industry. Real Estate Professionals who have achieved the same type of successes you are looking to achieve.
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